Hair Ornaments are Back in Fashion

This summer, fashion accessories have gone to our heads, literally. Hair ornamentation is everywhere from jewelry encrusted headbands to sparkling butterflies to silky flowers- the sky’s the limit.

We tend to like the simpler approach to hair decoration like Hilary Swank’s diamond covered flower pin at this year’s Golden Globes. With that being said, we’re a little obsessed with Marc Jacobs giant faceted hair jewels. We know they are over the top…but how fun!

Our tips to pull off the hair ornament look:

1. Keep the make-up simple. Let the hair jewel be the star. Nude make-up looks are perfect companions for these dynamic hair accessories.

2. Keep your outfit simple, too. Too much color or texture on top and bottom will make you look like a clown. Potentially a crazy fashion clown and that’s scary.

3. Pull your hair back. This is not a rule, but whether it’s messy-back, or polished-back…we think it’s a better look. Hair down with a large hair accessory can look a little bride’s maid…if you know what we mean.

Hair Ornament aren’t Just Little Grils Any More

Almost every parent probably thinks their little girl looks especially adorable when she has cute fashion accessories in her hair. When my daughter was a baby, I’d pull a tuft of hair up on top of her head (like Pebbles from the Flintstones cartoon) and put a baby barrette around it, which always evoked a chorus of “Aaah”‘s, even from strangers.

Anyway, my question to you today is whether you ever wear hair ornaments, or if you think they’re only for young girls and teens. It would be rare to see a 45 year old woman with a ponytail sporting a ribbon-much less a bow-but there is an astounding array of jeweled hair clips and combs that are lovely when used to pull or hold back hair. Once, for a fancy event, I used a comb decorated with pearls to pull back the hair on just one side, and actually felt rather glamorous doing so. (I’ve also mentioned here that I made my own fancy combs and clips when I was younger, and it’s a good project for girly-girls.)

A few years back, Paris Hilton was photographed wearing head bands, and, on her, they looked beautiful, and many high school girls don tiaras for prom night. Most of us probably wouldn’t feel comfortable following these examples, but there are still many hair accessories that may be a nice addition to an outfit if you’re in a fun and adventurous mood. Who knows? You may find others copying you…take it as a compliment.

How to Shop for Hair Ornaments for Women with Short Hair

Women with short hair can still glam up their do, thanks to hair ornaments specifically designed for this style.

Let’s start it off with barettes. Mostly sold in pairs, these barrettes are beautiful hair ornaments which can style up the short hair. It is also suitable for small children especially those with fine hair. It comes in various designs like flowers, ribbons, toys bears, butterflies, hearts and more.

Then there are the mini-combs. If you think that they only go for long hair, think again. There are designs made for women with short hair. They have lesser strands and smaller designs which go hand-in-hand with a shorter do. Women with short hair can also opt for French Twist combs. All they have to do is get those that are smaller and have less strands. These are especially made for them.

Hairpins is popular for women with short hair because they are the most accessible and the easiest to put too. Just choose the best designs. Because of their simplicity, they might be overlooked. But there are hair ornament stores which sell hairpins having elaborate designs. Some of them even come in pearl and crystals.

Bobby pins are like hairpins only they stick longer. They also come in pearl and crystals and their designs include flowers and butterflies and more. Their elaborate style makes it the number one hair accessory during special occasions.

Headbands are often used by women with short hair. You can style it up by choosing the elegant designs such as those that has rhinestones, crystals and pearls. Some headbands are made of wire, some are made of cloth. Either way, by wearing these hair accessories, their short hair will not only remain in place, it will also be glammed up.

Bridal Hairstyles Advice

For a modern or classic Victorian style, a beach hair styles marriage is best when it is a chignon hair or down with the simple, loose curls. Soft curls give you a very romantic look. This is true for bridesmaids as well. It is better that they follow all the same pattern. The bride must bear part of the same color and style of dress, and the same hairdo. For example, all bridesmaids should wear flowers in their hair, or shall at all. What is the best way to control the appearance of all styles of hair marriage in your marriage? Easy, it is necessary to have your entire wedding party to make a visit to a hair salon for a wedding style test.

Shows usually a tremendous reduction for the wedding hair style test service because they know you love their work and who later you can book your wedding with them. It is common for salons to submit a marriage contract. Be sure to read your contract carefully before signing it. Read every word and be sure to ask questions if you do not understand something. You know, your hair ornament is vitally important just like your apparel and bags. If you are uncomfortable with the text, it is fair to ask that the contract be amended. Do not just gloss over contract details. It should include important information such as the date of marriage, types of hair styles married marriage and make the delivery of services to be rendered. Many salons will request a deposit to keep the appointment in advance. Some contracts stipulate that deposits are not refundable. If your marriage hair contract has such a clause to determine if there is a grace period. Paying a percentage of this service, and not all prices. Also make payment with a credit card. Should there be a problem or dispute, you have a better chance of getting your money back.